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Welcome to The Intimacy Ally, where the magic of lasting love and self-confidence comes to life. I’m Jeni Simas, your dedicated Sex + Relationship Coach and Online Dating Expert. If you’re a busy professional woman over 40, and eager for a deeper connection with both a partner and yourself, you’ve just landed in your sweet spot.

At The Intimacy Ally, we’re on a mission to guide women over 40 to unlock that sexy self-esteem, making online dating not just bearable but downright enjoyable. Our promise? To arm you with feminist thoughtwork, self-appreciation, and a bit of sexual wellness coaching magic. Get ready to radiate confidence, embrace your unique magic, and glide through the worlds of love and digital dating like the powerhouse you are.

Designed specifically for busy, amazing women like you, over 40 and thriving in your professional life. We’re here to help you ditch those outdated societal myths, embrace every ounce of your strength, and let your savvy sexiness shine through. If you’re on the lookout for a meaningful relationship and a deeper connection with yourself, consider The Intimacy Ally your ultimate partner in this incredible journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Why choose to work with Jeni?
As a Sex + Relationship Coach and Online Dating Expert, I bring a unique blend of passion and strength to the table. Having personally navigated the challenges of finding love after a divorce, especially with little ones in tow including one with special needs, my own online love story was even featured in Newsweek. I’m living proof that finding love in the digital realm is not just possible but downright transformative.

Our approach is a mix of sex-positivity, educational, provocativeness, and sprinkled with a hint of magic. I understand the challenges you face, and I’m here to guide you with a personalized touch.

Ready to bring back the spark to your love life and reignite your confidence for the digital dating scene? Let’s chat! Book a discovery call with me, Jeni Simas, Your Intimacy Ally. Join me on a journey to unlock the magic within you and prep for the thrilling digital dating scene. It’s time to build a connection with yourself that becomes the cornerstone for lasting satisfaction and love. Say goodbye to the falsehoods, uncover your true intimacy, and brace yourself for an amazing journey toward finding your life partner.

My story

I’ve been dating or having sex for over half my life. I had hated myself for a good, long amount of that time. I cannot believe I am alone in feeling that way. The fat-shaming, sexual coercion, self-esteem, pleasure gap bullshit came to a head when my marriage ended. 25+ years of getting it wrong had to stop. I embarked on becoming a certified Relationship and Intimacy Coach and then pursued my Sex Coaching certification from the Sexual Health Alliance. During my studies, I let go of the “truths” I have believed since I was a pre-teen about my place in the dating/relationship world based on my attractiveness and how to love my body for what it does for me and how truly beautiful it is. I no longer believe what the patriarchy has hammered home and am on a mission to bring truthicy and empower those who have been historically excluded from feeling like they have the right to seek love, intimacy, sex, or non-transactional relationships. I am living my most authentic life now and can truly say I am seeing relationships and intimacy in a new light as a person worthy of all the pleasure this life can offer me. I believe the path to unabashed and passionate relationships with others is through self-acceptance and appreciation.

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