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Welcome to The Intimacy Ally, where the magic of lasting love and self-confidence comes to life. I’m Jeni Simas, your dedicated Sex + Relationship Coach and Online Dating Expert. If you’re a busy professional woman over 40, and eager for a deeper connection with both a partner and yourself, you’ve just landed in your sweet spot. 
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Amazing instructor.  Deeply passionate about what she does.  Would highly recommend to anyone

Patrick H, Maryland

The best by far! Very sweet, amazing lady!’

Kristy E, Maryland

My new bestie! So have been waiting for sensible, forthright conversations and advice Talk soon

Matt G, Maryland

A little about my journey...

“You’re most qualified to help the person you used to be.”

That is so true in my case.

I used to be a person who believed I was underserving of love, that I was less than ________, that I had to be grateful for whatever scraps of love I got.  It’s simply untrue.  The patriarchy has tricked you.  You don’t need to be manipulative, desperate, or settle.  

But before you can get satisfaction with others, you have got to get good and comfortable with yourself.

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Barbie Friggin’ Ruled!!!!

Barbie Friggin’ Ruled!!!!

I purposefully have avoided any reviews of Barbie. I had one friend text me and tell me that I HAD to take my 11-year-old daughter to see it and why she thought that, but other than that text, I let nothing on the interwebz color my opinion of what I was getting...

Be Yourself!!! Aunt Baba Had the Right On!

Be Yourself!!! Aunt Baba Had the Right On!

I have learned so much about myself and how I choose to show up for others over the last 3 years since my separation and subsequent divorce. I am now engaged to a man who knows more about me, my real and authentic me, than anyone has ever known. For years,...

Sexology Summit 2023

Sexology Summit 2023

Folks, when I say, I love my job, you gotta understand, it's the most honest thing I've ever uttered in my life. I got the opportunity to attend this summit where there were about 50 presenters from different edges of the sexuality world coming together....




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